Directional Drilling
Directional Core Drilling for Mineral Exploration


Directional Core Drilling allows controlled deviation of the borehole path and/or multiple
branches from a parent hole, saving the cost, effort and uncertainty involved in multiple single
If your project needs multiple planned drill holes or accurate planned trajectories then DCD
may be a cost effective and efficient solution.

DEVICO offers a DCD rental package to clients using highly skilled and experienced
technicians world wide.

There are many benefits using DCD in your exploration project. A few of them are listed here.

Compared to standard wireline drilling (re-drilling from surface):
  1. Reduced drilling length
  2. Less wear on drilling equipment
  3. Fewer drill sites
  4. Less environmental impact
  5. Full control over natural deviation
  6. Improved borehole accuracy

Compared to other directional drilling techniques:
  1. Core in directional sections
  2. Low water consumption
  3. All necessary equipment in small start package
  4. Fits directly on N-size drill string
  5. High penetration rate in hard rocks
  6. Easily adjustable dogleg
  7. Higher dogleg used due to smoother curve
  8. Drill string rotation also during steering
  9. Directional surveys performed at hole bottom (through DeviDrill bit)
  10. Full size N-size borehole and no additional reaming required.

Overview: Coring While Steering

The Devico Directional Core Drilling (DCD) service includes:
  1. Free borehole planning.
  2. Free savings analysis.
  3. DCD to branch boreholes and control natural deviation.
  4. Reporting and plotting borehole progress.
  5. Reaching targets within 1 % error.
  6. Field technicians controlling the DCD, ensuring high quality results.
  7. Strong on-site collaboration leading to efficient operation.
  8. Assistance in monitoring core orientation and surveying boreholes.

Directional Core Drilling

Core drilling for minerals normally consists of drilling long sections
in bedrock before reaching the ore horizon, making the process more
time consuming and expensive than necessary. In addition, natural deviation
can change the drill path and reduce the value of the information gained
from the borehole.

With Devico technology you can complete a drilling program
quicker, and with higher accuracy than with traditional core drilling methods.

The Devico technology makes it possible to control
borehole deviation and steer the hole accurately
towards the target, while also collecting core samples during the steering
process. When the first hole is finalized it can be sidetracked and used again
to steer towards a second target. Sidetracking means a new hole is started
from within the old, often several hundred meters below surface.
With this approach there is no need to move the drill rig to a new site
and re-drill the top section collecting core from rock formations of no value.

The sidetracking is quickly performed by cutting straight in a curved section
of the first hole. By using this method no wedges or cement plugs are
necessary. Making several branch holes will significantly reduce the length
of a drilling program, which can lead to remarkable
savings in both time and money. As less drill sites are
required the environmental impact of the drilling program is also reduced.
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