Drilling Contractor
Water Drilling - Timika (2015)

Geotechnical Drilling - Jambi (2013)

Our drilling services comprise on the following:
  1. Surface drilling
  2. Surface coring
  3. Underground drilling
  4. Water drilling

Our new foot step on the drilling industry combined with experts and our diverse fleet of surface
coring rigs and equipment, we can meet even the toughest project requirements. In order to
deliver the best solution for the job, our team of professionals work tirelessly to understand
your project objectives as well as the ground and site conditions.

The following services and contracts are available for us:
  1. A complete range of core sizes, from BQ to PQ and larger.
  2. Qualified and locally certified crews.
  3. Industry-leading core recovery rates.
  4. Drillhole Survey.
  5. Directional drilling.
  6. Integrated core orientation.
  7. World-class safety programs and performance.
Our Projects
PT. Duaem Gada Bayuagus