Geochemistry Consulting
Tailing Analysis (2014)

Our hydrogeochemists are experience in evaluating the chemical characteristics of soil,
tailings, waste rock, groundwater, and surface water at mining and environmental sites.

The company’s comprehensive evaluation of hydrogeology and geochemistry provides an
integrated approach and can facilitate a more thorough understanding of complex groundwater
and surface-water systems.We offer a variety of geochemical services that integrate with our
hydrogeologic services.

Our office extends the following services to our clients:
  1. Evaluation of source and extent of groundwater contamination;
  2. Environmental characterization of materials, including ore, waste rock, and tailings;
  3. Baseline characterization of water quality;
  4. Assessment of potential water-quality impacts from agricultural, industrial, mining, and
    oil and gas activities;
  5. Evaluation of groundwater source areas and flow paths using artificial and natural
    chemical and isotopic tracers;
  6. Hydrogeochemical and hydrodynamic modeling.
  7. Chemical-transport and fate analyses in soil and groundwater;
  8. Prediction of physicochemical characteristics of pit lakes;
  9. Numerical modeling of solution mining; and
  10. Expert witness, second opinion, and litigation support.
Our Projects
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