Geotechnical Consulting
Standar Proctor Test Data Acquisiton (2017)

Field CBR - Portsite Timika (2016)

Underground Geotechnical Training - Tembagapura (2010)

Our office designs solutions for any complex problems on geotechnical fields.

We have been providing geotechnical engineering services for countless landmark horizontal
and vertical construction projects including power, commercial, institutional and industrial
buildings and structures; flood control and water storage, supply and conveyance systems;
tunnels, highways, roads and bridges; coastal engineering; slurry walls, tiebacks, and
excavation support systems, to name a few.

Our consultancy extends on the following:
  1. Foundations
  2. Excavation Support Systems
  3. Construction Support
  4. Groundwater
  5. Tunneling
  6. Flood Control
  7. Forensic Engineering & Litigation
  8. Coastal Planning and Engineering
  9. Geotechnical Support Services
  10. Earthquake Engineering
Our Projects
PT. Duaem Gada Bayuagus