Green Energy Consulting
Our services are designed to save time, energy, and money. We work to help with all energy
matters; from procurement through to implementing energy management and consumption
reduction strategies. Our dedication and market intelligence means that we offer informed
knowledge, and unbiased advice. We provide complete carbon management solutions which
allow any business to make all aspects of their energy use carbon neutral.

We work closely with our clients to evaluate their needs and requirements; helping to lower
overall tariff rates, giving advice on more structured longer term contracts, and moving energy to
renewable sources. We leverage our strong high-level supplier relationships and buying power
to access products unavailable to the marketplace. This in turn gives the ability to tailor large
multiple meters, single end date contract terms and focused overall energy management

By identifying affordable and practical green solutions customers can benefit from:
  1. A Boosted Reputation
  2. Enhanced Green Credentials
  3. Build Relationships with Customers who have Shared Values
  4. Increased Social, Environmental & Ethical Responsibility

Our market intelligence allows us to offer many other energy management and support
services, these are tailored to the individual companies energy needs and scale of spend. We
think there is always a solution to any problem and take huge satisfaction in the fact we
continue to help many businesses from SME to Corporate manage their energy matters and
reduce their energy spend.
Our Projects
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