Hydrology Consulting
We have a long and successful record of working with planners, engineers, developers and
regulators promoting sites in sensitive hydrological settings or in areas prone to drought or
flood risk.

Our hydrologists, hydrogeologists, water resource and flood risk specialists have extensive
experience working in many business sectors including development (retail, commercial,
industrial and residential), mining and minerals, waste, energy (hydro, wind, solar and
infrastructure) and oil and gas.

We have undertaken field studies extensively across Indonesia and we use the latest hydraulic
and hydrological modelling techniques to inform our analytical studies and design
recommendations. Our hydrologists, hydrogeologists, geochemists, ecologists and engineers
routinely work together and we have in-house the range of skills to undertake water resource
and use/minimisation studies, habitat surveys, assess groundwater and surface water
interaction, complete low river flow assessments, prepare water balances and present habitat
improvement and diversification plans.
Our Projects
PT. Duaem Gada Bayuagus