Mining Consulting
Emerald Project - Colombia (2010)

Rocks Mechanics

Geomechanical studies are performed using numerical models using specialized software
on the discrete element method or finite. We have the ability to:
  1. Small and large scale mining designs with high reliability.
  2. Sequence mining.
  3. Geological units that make up the rock mass.
  4. Structural sets.
  5. Hydrogeological models.
  6. Lateral pressure coefficient (Tectonic).
  7. Calibration models using historical data and / or measured in the field, analysis of
    displacements, strains and stresses in specific areas, as well as in major regions.

Block Caving

Studies related to the design, production planning and quantification in mines extracted by
block / panel caving studies, emphasizing:
  1. Simulation of gravitational flow.
  2. Fragmentation Analysis and draperies.
  3. Extraction mesh designs.
  4. Mining program preparation.
  5. Estimated broken, dilution and / or water mud.
  6. Production program.
  7. Predictive Model in short-term laws.
  8. Transition Studies Open / Underground.
  9. In order to analyze safer designs for personnel and infrastructure to maximize reserve
    recovery through a strategic planning to delay the entry of dilution , and optimize the
    use and performance of the components of the mining system , based on scenarios
    with high reliability.

Mining Systems Simulation

Evaluation of mining systems (extraction plan, resources, operational philosophy, mine
design) through the construction and use of simulation models that are able to:
  1. Replicate operational philosophy of mine.
  2. Catch up Strategy.
  3. Creating alternative scenarios.
  4. Getting KPIs.
  5. Identify bottlenecks.
  6. Analyze production capacities.
  7. Achieving increase productivity with greater adherence to plan production, lower risk
    and creating a robust mining system.

Strategic Planning

Evaluation of short, medium and long term planning associated with the production capacity
of the mining system, which consider the inherent variability of the operation based on
historical or simulated data, providing a balance between risk and return allowing an efficient
design and robust production program that make possible the adherence to the plan. The
main points of the study are:

  1. Optimization of production plans.
  2. Multivariable Optimization laws / court processes.
  3. Economic evaluation of production programs.
  4. Quantification of uncertainty in production schedules.
  5. Reliability of mining plans.
  6. Planning based on scenarios (Portfolio Theory).

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