Pundit Lab+
P Wave Measurement on Soil Compaction (2016)

Advanced ultrasonic pulse velocity and pulse echo testing

To assess structural integrity and localize defects in concrete and rock

Structural defects cause serious damages and collapses. Ultrasonic testing provides
information on the strength and uniformity of concrete, rock, composites, ceramics, wood, epoxy,
refractory materials and can be used to detect and localize voids, pipes, cracks and defects. The
ultrasonic pulse echo (UPE) technology extends ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) applications to
objects where access is restricted to a single side. Proceq offers the most versatile range of
ultrasonic testing instruments.
Our Project
P wave measurement on
soil compaction at Portsite

December 2014
Tailing application in
PT. Duaem Gada Bayuagus