Radar System
Radar Systems, Inc. was established in 1989 on the basis of Aviation Subsurface
Radiolocation Problem Laboratory (ASRPL), Riga Aviation University (RAU), to become
ASRPL's legal successor in research and development for subsurface sounding techniques,
hardware and software used to solve tasks of nondestructive environmental monitoring,
engineering geological surveys, thickness measurements of sea and fresh water ice, etc.

ASRPL was established in 1977 by resolution of the State Science and Technology Committee
to conduct research studies started in 1968 at Radiolocation Chair, Riga Civil Aviation
Engineering Institute (RCAEI), headed by Professor M. Finkelshtein, Doctor of Technology.
Works by ASRPL gained broad recognition and appreciation quite soon. As a result, in 1984,
three research fellows of Radiolocation Chair and ASRPL received the USSR State Award for
development and introduction of ice measurement techniques and devices.

Along with sea ice measurement studies, ASRPL was active with research and development of
earth cover sounding techniques and devices for geological engineering surveys. These
studies were crowned with development of a number of georadar series ZOND, LOUCH,
PROFILE and PYTHON (abyssal georadar). The latter is a land analogue of the space radar
used for subsurface soil sounding of Mars (Project Mars-96) and designed by Radar Systems,
Inc. researchers in close cooperation with their colleagues from National Space Agency of
France (CNES) and Service d'Aeronomie Institute (France). Currently, one type of georadars is
manufactured, namely Zond-12e (versatile and multifunctional unit).
Radar Systems, Inc. has long-term traditions of developing of space-oriented instrumentation.
Thus, specialists of ASRPL and Radiolocation Chair together with their counterparts from the
Academy of Sciences Research Institute for Radio Engineering and Electronics designed a
complex radiolocation unit used for sounding survey of Phobos (satellite of Mars).

Our Company is a regular participant at various scientific conferences on subsurface sounding
and nondestructive environmental monitoring. For instance, "Zond-12", "Zond-12c" and
"Zond-12e" equipment was shown in technical expositions at Conferences GPR'94 (Kitchener,
Ontario, Canada; June 12-16, 1994) and GPR'98 (Lawrence, Kansas, USA; May 27-30, 1998),
5-th Meeting of EEGS /European Section/ (Hungary, Budapest, September 6-9, 1999), 6-th
Meeting of EEGS /European Section/ (Germany, Bochum, September 3-7, 2000), 7-th Meeting
of EEGS /European Section/ (Great Britain, Birmingham, September 2-6, 2001), 8-th Meeting of
EEGS /European Section/ (Portugal, Aveiro, September 8-12, 2002), 9-th Meeting of EEGS
/European Section/ (Czech Republic, Prague, August 31 - September 4), GPR 2004 (The
Netherlands, Delft, June 21-24, 2004) and was operated successfully in field demo tests at the
a/m Conferences.

Up to recent time, Radar Systems, Inc. was developing and manufacturing subsurface
sounding equipment only. Now, our Company supports series production of electronic
firmware for check-in counters used at airports.

Moreover, our Company receives special orders for development and manufacture of various
nonstandard units.
We are always ready and willing to cooperate with you!
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