Our Most Advance Services
Many of our services offer the benefits, values, pricing and unique solutions, that is why we are
proud to name our services as the most advance services in Indonesia.

We divide solutions into the following:
  1. Geology Consulting.
  2. Geophysics Consulting.
  3. Geochemistry Consulting.
  4. Geotechnical Consulting.
  5. Mining Consulting.
  6. Teresterial Surveying
  7. Operational Consulting.
  8. Product Consulting.
  9. Software Consulting.
  10. Environmental Consulting.
  11. Hydrology Consulting.
  12. Design and Architectural Consulting.
  13. Green Energy Consulting.
  14. Water Consulting.
  15. Drilling Contractor.
  16. NDT Test

Our company also represents various foreign companies that experts in their fields. They are
also known for their best and high quality products.

  1. Devico
  2. Map3D
  3. Radar System
Our Recent Projects
April 2017:
Earthing project at PLTMG

February 2017:
SPT and density
measurements at Portsite

December 2016:
Survey at three villages

November 2016:
GPR survey at Lawe Lawe
PT. Duaem Gada Bayuagus